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7Hex Dragon: Talryne, Demon Hunter

Talryne (pronounced tal-reen') was born of an old but common family in ka'Han. Talryne was exceptionally bright as a child and fortunately he was noticed by the town wizard/smith who took him on as apprentice when he was 9. By 13 Talryne had outstripped his master in magical talents and was recommended to one of the wizard's guilds Academies of ka'Han. During his apprenticeship there it was clear that Talryne was the brightest of his cohort, which rankled the sons of the elite. While he was not directly hazed, he was snubbed and excluded a good bit. He learned to work on his own his first two years, but then started organizing the other commoners into an unofficial and mostly secret club of summoning wizards. Summoning was considered a secondary art to magic item creation in ka'Han society. However, he soon became the best at summoning in the Academy with the help of his younger club members. This brought him the ability to travel throughout the Duchy to observe summoning issues or to help where summoning was required. At 16 he was the youngest apprentice to participate in a summoning a Lesser Demon and at 18 he was tied for the youngest to help summon a Greater Demon. He learned the basics of pentagram, summoning dragons and demons and other skills. He loved to travel and take risks and was allowed at 17 to travel to the Wildwood with a band of wizards and knights to aid the Elves of the Eastern Wildwood in doing a recon mission. He showed expemplary valor, bravery and instinctive decision making. He became addicted to the adrenaline rush of field work and looked for every opportunity to leave the workshop, library and lab to accompany demon chasers and Combat Necromancers to haunted tunnels and the edge of the Wildwood.

He has done much to single-handedly lessen the common/noble divide in the Academies and to raise the stature of non-magic item creation wizards in ka'Han. His name is starting to become legend before his time and the rich bard culture of Bronar are full of tall tales, based in some good fact, of Talryne's adventures. He has an abiding interest in the rhythms of the Wildwood and spends much of his time in the eastern Borderlands and with the Elves of the Wildwood. He is known as elf friend and was awarded his Ranger Cloak by Prince Halidal for a daring raid to recover two Elf rangers from a maurading band of Demon Drones driven by a Driver. He took two of his old comrades from the academy club and went several miles past the farthest Elf patrols in the Wood. He staged a spectacular rescue by summoning three 7hex Dragons as a distraction just long enough for his apprentices to grab the elves and flee. The demons caught up with the exhausted Talryne, but an Elf patrol sent out after them gave just enough cover to allow him to escape. The elf patrol was nearly decimated, but the recover of the prisoners was a great victory.

He is driven by two main ambitions.
1. Understanding the Wildwood, and by inference, more about the activities of demons than anyone else. He believes the Wildwood is a greater threat than the IS. He is almost alone in this belief, but thinks he can participate in the great rhythms of the universe if he can master this local piece of mysterious land. He wants to be the first human to see Kirea Atlon (one centaur patrol was able to do a quick sketch map before being driven out) and survive to tell the tale.
2. He knows he is not the most powerful Wizard to grace Cidri (Kalcrear for instance). But he wants to make his mark as combining daring with notable magical skill. He tries not to play it up, but he loves his own noteriety and will occasionally take unnecessary risks or embark on ill-planned ventures in a effort to put his names in the legends for centuries after his death. He will occasionally subtly, and probably subconsciously, downplay the role of others (the Elf patrol that saved his life he will say were "extremely helpful"). He is embarrased when confronted with this foible as his own self image is one of single minded defense of his homeland through understanding of the magical and demon worlds and well executed and daring intervention to stop attacks, and not one who engages in such petty behaviour.

He was brought to the Duke's court after rumour of his expoits spread to the Duke. He has been kept busy and has the ear of the Duke on certain matters that the Duke trusts him on. The Duke is doubtful about the importance of the Wildwood relative to the IS, but he has come to trust Talryne about when to send a small but mighty groups of Necromancers or Wizards where there seems to be an undead/demonic disturbance in or near the Duchy. Talryne has successfully intervened in two demonic outbreaks in the northwest corner of the Wildwood and discovered an underground coven of Wizards and renegade Necromancers. It was Talryne who made initial contact with the tribe of Gargoyles of the Mountains shortly after one such intervention that repulsed two Demon Reapers and their attendant imps and Drones. The Duke has personally commissioned a ballad in honor of Talryne's first intervension in the Wildwood (which secretly pleases Talryne to no end).

Talryne is the scholarly man-of-action and has friends amongst the Centaurs and Elven Rangers, Duchy and Borderland Baronies. The Imperial Sorcerers have heard of him and are trying to put a Secret Police member near him, but have not had success yet (nor has it been a huge priority for them). He has garnered the resentment of many of the old noble families in ka'Han who will not actively move against him, but will take any opportunity to downplay his accomplishments and secretly hope for a catastrophic error of judgement that will get him killed or discredited. The Duke of ka'Han has mixed feelings, taking pride in the fame of their native son, but feeling a bit slighted that he so quickly left ka'Han for the court at Bronar when called. Talryne also does not have much time for his family and he has some lingering guilt about leaving them behind with little thought for them.

ST17 IQ21 DX 16 (Adept Summoner's Staff of Power), 15ST battery on a necklace, Ring of Stone Flesh (1ST/turn), Ranger Cloak, gifted by the Elves. Spells: Staff of Power, Spell Shield, Pentagram, Summon Lesser Demon, Summon Dragon, Lighting, SpellSniffer, 7HexIllusion, 7HexWall, Invisibility, Summon Gargoyle, Unnoticeability, Telepathy, Remove Thrown Spell, Summon Giant, Flight, Mage Sight, Lesser Magic Item Creation.

His current apprentice ha'Jaas is an exception to much of the noble families in ka'Han. ha'Jaas is from an ancient noble family, and while dour, is perfectly clear headed about Talryne's formidable talents and also his few foibles. ha'Jaas is loyal and dutiful, if not affectionate. This irritates Talryne somewhat, who is an open personality, generous to comrades-in-arms, and pasionate about his pursuits. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and duty, but not love. Talryne is lobbying for a second apprentice to the Duke of Bronar as the Duke of ka'Han is unwilling to send one (under some oblique preasure from the noble families). Were it not for the demands of the "Conflict in the South" he probably would have his second apprentice.

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