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7Hex Dragon: Kalcrear, Arch-Lich

Kalcrear was the apprentice of the Necromancer who created the Become Lich Spell. He helped his master slide to the other side. He perfected the spell and became the most powerful Lich known to Cidri. Born in Thur, he was an immensily gifted youth who could talk to the recently departed at age 5 and had a knack for Banishing lesser undead (the weaker Impressioned Remains). At 6 he started his road to renown when a Shadow Wight was found in a cave and Kalcrear was brought in to talk to it. He simply, innocently asked: "You don't feel you belong here, do you?" and the Wight was banished. His Spirit Field was unprecedented in it's intensity and refinement. He could sense all manner of spirits, both living and dead and often read their intentions. Peasants came from miles around to consult him, ask for healings and other such things when he was 7. The Alethia Brotherhood snatched him up under the noses of the IS Guild, and relations have been a bit strained since. He was the youngest apprentice accepted into the Alethia Brotherhood and his genius was recognized at once. He was immediately apprenticed to the most renown Brother who had just come back from debriefing the Watcher Necromancer who had helped create True Skeletons and had a new vision of the life/death boundary.

With study and delving into the Spirit side of magic, he only strengthened and further refined his Field. Vampires and Night Gaunts fled from him and even crude peasants felt a sense of gravitas and power emenate from him. Also like many who have intense gifts from youth, he seemed fairly nonchalant and unaware of the intensity of his powers.

Despite the reputation of the Alethia Brotherhood as reclusive scholars, Kalcrear was consulted by the Enforcer Brotherhoods and brought out into the field for help in identifying and banishing a variety of spirits. He traveled far into the Borderlands and Gleremere, stopping short of going to the Wild Lands.. He turned back a gang of Night Gaunts in Thurlid's Bane and trapped them while insubstantial.

He is responsible for expanding the Banish Undead spell to Banish full souls in addition to Impressioned Remains.

His name is now nearly synonymous with the Lich. He was the apprentice who assisted in creating the first Lich and he himself underwent the same process to become the most powerful Lich in recorded history. He continued as a Lich for over 200 years before being killed by a powerful Vampire Coven who had rallied several renegade Necromancers and other undead to the cause of crushing the hated Kalcrear. They were based in the southern Borderlands. Kalcrear was investigating a powerful Night Gaunt (which turned out to be the "The Mauler" that Lord Dranyon ended up employing). The Night Gaunt was working with the Coven and unwittingly played bait in the ambush. The Coven was later destroyed by a joint effort of the Alethia Brotherhood and the Watchers, though the Gaunt escaped).

Kalcrear's remains were lost in the ambush. The renegade Necromancers realized that even his remains had a Spirit Field in their own right and crafted a powerful NecroStaff out of his spine and skull. That staff was lost in the hunt to avenge Kalcrear as the renegades were pushed further northeast towards Gleremere and the wilder parts of the Borderlands.

For those curious, Kalcrear's stats at his prime as a Lich: ST36 IQ28 DX17 Kalcrear's Personal NecroStaff: one eye socket had a smoky quartz that acted like a Night Crystal and the other had a Diamond that acted as a Repel Undead. The Staff itself could Detect Undead (no ST Cost). Kalcrear's Staff acted as a 15 point ST battery. He also carried a 20ST battery gem around his neck. He had a Ring of Teleport, Circlet of Invisibility, Mask of Glamour and Cloak of Spell Shield for his forays out into the world. He had a Crytal Ball in his mansion amongst other goodies. He had a bound Spectre and two Skeleton Lord Warders (ST 27 IQ 15 DX 17: Enchanted and Fine everything and with permanent Glamour Masks) with him when out of the mansion. He also had several apprentice Necromancers and held his standing in the Alethia Brotherhood, though after becoming a Lich he had less to do with the day-to-day activities of the brotherhood and focused more on research and the occassional trip out in the field to investigate unusual undead or demonic activity. He also had created a spell that was lost with his death that turns a skull into a spy that can float up to 100 feet over ground and up to 1 mile away from the caster and the caster can see through it's eyes, sort of like a familiar. Spells: Become Lich, Summon Skeleton Lord, Summon Spectre, Bind Spirit, Banish Undead, Glamour, NecroStaff, Create Skeleton Lord, Summon Lich, MH Induce Fear, MH Decrepitude, Possession, Revival, Summon (Lesser) Demon, Pentagram, Spell Shield, Remove Thrown Spell, Mage Sight, Control Person, Aid, Repel Undead, Spell Sniffer, Write Scroll, Create Lesser/Greater Magic Item, Word of Command: Stop Talents: Heal Bone

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