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Dragonnewts are distantly taken from Runequest for a young player. Some major differences in that they don't get reborn when they die or have the same history. They have a strong sense of honor and do not like Reptile Men and get -2 reaction roll with them (the feeling is mutual, fortunately they don't run into each other often). They don't like Karlydians -1 reaction roll unless there is an overriding cause to bring them together (more than money which Dragonnewts don't prize). Dragons are +2 reaction roll.

Dragonnewts are a race apart and secretive, they are related to dragons. They are highly intelligent and slightly larger than humans (average 6 foot 3 inches). They are tailed and have scaley hides. They have their own magics and weapons, their society is highly structured and honor is hugely important to them (think samurai, saving face, etc). They believe that armour (over cloth) and missle weapons (except the sling) are a sign of weakness and cowardice. Any Dragonnewt will be immediately attacked by other Dragonnewts, Dragons or Reptile Men if he is wearing heavy armour or using a missle weapon. Dragonnewt armour (which is not made by Dragonnewts as it is considered cowardly) has to be made specially for them at double cost and they still suffer an additional -1DX penalty for leather and -2DX for heavier armour since their culture, biology and upbringing don't make use of it (the tail is an issue it has a weak joint, etc).

In 7HexDragon's Campaign, Dragonnewts live predominantely in the northwest corner of the map, on the western slopes of the backbone mountains and in the far northeast corner of the Western Scrublands. They do travel on dragonish business around the mountains, the Duchy and parts of the Borderlands and IS. They will not go into the Wildlands unless to rescue a clan member or other forced circumstance.

Dragonnewts are Mixed Hero/Wizards and have certain spells and talents that are ameanable to their odd biology and neurological system. Others are alien and cost more to learn. Note they cannot wear normal rings as their clawed hands are way too big.


(these are heavily adapted from RuneQuest):
  1. Crested: starts with the beginning stats ST 13 IQ 11 DX 8 with 3 to add to either IQ or DX. Dragonnewt DX can never get above 16. Can only use basic weapons and talents (see below). Remember Dragonnewts advance in attribute points more slowly than do humans and dwarves, etc. They take twice the EP as do regular PC races (just like Centaurs and Reptile Men also do). Crested Newts have 1 pt natural armour.
  2. Beaked: when the Dragonnewt reaches at least 39 attribute points and ST of 15 (which ever comes last) it is reborn as a Beaked Dragon Newt. It gets it's toughened skin (armour of 1/5 of it's strenght rounded down) and can advance its ST past 15. See below for skills available.
  3. Tailed Priest: When a Dragonnewt reaches at least 43 attribute points and an IQ of 14 a Dragonnewt becomes a tailed Priest. It grows wing stubs and has the ability to cast Dragonnewt Spells. See below for skills and spells available to this stage.
  4. Full Priest: When a Dragonnewt reaches at least 47 attribute points, a ST of 18 and an IQ of 16, the Dragonnewt is reborn as a Full Priest. It gains the ability to cast (though still needs to memorize) the Summon Dragon Spells and the Dragon Growth Spell. They grow wings and can fly for up to 12 turns at MA 16 as long as they are carrying their ST or less in Kg in weapons and armour (one of the reasons Dragonnewt culture does not have a developed armouring system. Priest with ST of 18 can fly if they carry 9Kg or less in weapons and gear). They suffer 2ST fatigue for every turn they fly past 12. See below for spells and skill available to this stage.

Weapons and Armour

Armour: "Can't" Wear Armour (will be attacked by Dragons, Reptile Men, and other Dragonnewts for dishonor), but gets hide armor at the "Beaked" stage of 1/5 of ST round down (so 19ST Dragonnewt has natural 3 hits armour). See above for extra DX penalty if they decide to wear it anyway. Can certainly have the Warrior/Veteran talents, Dragon Scales Spell below, stone flesh necklace, plus their natural armour should be enough.


  • Klanth - Min ST 13 (obsidian edged bastard sword, made to fit dragonnewt hands) - same damage as bastard sword and can be used one or two handed.
  • Gami - Main-gauche, but thicker and curved a bit, same damage, hilt designed for dragonnewt claws
  • Staff Sling - required ST is 9. 1-1 uses missile weapon DX modifiers, can only fire once per turn no matter what, also special grip for their claws and bend for their shoulder physiology.
  • Long Ax - Min ST 15 - a longer thinner battle ax, double bitted. 3-1, two handed designed with dragonnewt hands in the haft design (thicker and bent a bit with special finger grips, dragonnewt claws are clumsey compared to human hands)
  • All other weapons are at -2DX due to their odd claw/hands, all bows (except crossbows) are at -3DX. Their weapons are -2DX to other races.


Talents Available at normal IQ cost to any Dragonnewt (Crested or highter). They still need the minimum IQ and any prerequisites

  • Klanth, and Gami: 2IQ cost to learn both.
  • Sling/Staff Sling: 1IQ
  • Climbing
  • Silent Movement
  • Warrior/Veteran
  • Horsemanship (but only ride demi-birds)
  • Alertness
  • Tactics
  • Mundane Talents not involving a high level of manual dexterity

Talents Available to a Beaked Dragonnewt or higher:

  • Long Ax: 1IQ double bitted ax
  • Acute Hearing
  • Strategist
  • Armourer and Master Armourer (Klanth, Gami, Sling and Long Ax only)
  • Weapon Master, but only with Klanth and Long Ax - see 7hex Dragon House Rules for Weapon Master
  • All other talents at double IQ cost.

Spells available to a Beaked Dragonnewt if they have the minimum IQ for the spell

  • Aid
  • Fire, 4Hex Fire, 7Hex Fire

Spells that cost Dragonnewts 1IQ point (Tailed Priest or higher):

  • Dragon Wings (IQ 11 1ST to cast, 1ST/5 turns), like flight, but faster, 18MA (only a dragonnewt can cast this as it uses dragonnewt biology, wing stumps)
  • Fire Breath IQ 11 one hex by four hex long breath doing 1-1 per ST, up to 4ST.
  • Dragon Claw (IQ 11 great for HTH, claw does an extra 1d over HTH combat for ST)
  • Dragon Scales (IQ 13 like StoneFlesh, but 3 hits 1ST + 1ST/turn)
  • All fire spells (fire, fireball, summon/control salamader, blast)
  • Control Animal
  • Telepathy (w/other dragonnewt or demi-bird only)

Spells available to a Full Priest:

  • Dragon Growth - IQ 14, turn into a 4hex dragon (4ST cast, 1ST per turn). Damage/fatigue suffered as a Dragon is halved (round up) when returns to Dragonnewt (i.e. a 14ST Newt turn into a 4 hex dragon and takes 12ST damage, upon return to Newt he will only have suffered 6ST damage). Looses all talents when in Dragon Form, but can use spells.
  • Summon (Small) Dragons
  • Revival
  • Greater and Lesser Magic Item Creation

All other spells at 3IQ cost.


Demi-birds - stout two legged dinosaur/bird combo. Flightless, stocky, stands about 9ft tall. Ridden by dragonnewts. ST 22 IQ 7 DX 10 Can bite for 1d, unmounted can claw for 1+2 with very powerful legs. MA 22 unmounted, 16 mounted. Most Dragonnewts use the Long Ax when mounted.

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