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This is where our adventurers start out as 4 or 5 beginning 32 point characters (you can adjust the monsters up or down to suit the party). If you want to start out more advanced characters, go to Delpan and note the variation to start the campaign for advanced characters (should be 4 characters at 40 points or more).

7 Hex Dragon: Crosshaven, the Troll Raids

Crosshaven: Description

CrossHaven pop 1500 including outlying rural areas (town itself is only about 250-300). A fairly new town built on the revenues generated from the increased trade route activity between the newly formed Duchy of Mt. Bronar and the Imperial Sorcerers. Trade has been diverted to Crosshaven before heading south to the IS. Taxes from the businesses, the increased need for agriculture to outfit the caravans and direct revenues for festivals and shows have built the chapel and arena. Town has three taverns, a chapel, a manor, a row of shops, a small wizards guild, 2 moneychangers, blacksmith/armourer, stable/town watch (mercenaries mostly). Has a small arena for seasonal shows and combat exercises. The lord of the manor's greatgrandfather was a cavalry office in Thur. After Thur fell, he traveled north and finally settled here. Hence, Crosshaven has a large and fairly nice stables due to the Thurian heratage.

The town, in addition to the 250 residents usually have between 100 and 400 visitors, depending on the caravans, soldiers traveling to and from the front, etc. Good mix of people for so small a town. Orcs, occasional gargoyles, goblins, hobgoblins, elves, Centaurs, traveling dwarves, humans (IS, Duchy, etc).

Three taverns are the Cup and Unicorn, the Ugly Troll and Mother's Place.

Cup and Unicorn is the nicer pub for the genteel owned and run by Joel and his daughters, Joel (ST 10, IQ 13, DX 11 - Spells: Glamour, Fire, Staff, Aid, Persuasiveness, Reveal/Conceal, Repair, Analyze Magic, Control Animal. 2 Daughters: Gael, 14, apprentice wizard (ST 8, IQ 12, DX 10: Spells: Staff, Repair, Aid, Illusion, Fire, Dazzle). Gina, 10, ST 7, IQ 11, DX 9, No appreciable talents or spells.

The Green Troll is the brawlers pub owned by Barnard (ST 14 IQ 12 DX 11 Millitary Pick, Sm Shield, Horse Bow) and his adopted son Halgar (ST 14 IQ 11 DX 12 Great Hammer, Leather, Dagger) and a evening bouncer Durgnan (ST 16 IQ 9 DX 12 QuarterStaff, Leather, Two Cestii for Bouncing).

Mother's place has the best food so attracts hard workers, some of the genteel, families, etc. Is run by the Widow Elantar and her loyal son, 16, Banyon. Elantar is watched over closely by one of the shift constibles Renin (newly created position) who is in love with her.

Blacksmith ST 19 IQ 12 DX 13: Fine Great Hammer (which is very proud of and will show off with glee, +2 Damage +1DX), Chainmail, dagger.

Stable Owner: groomsman to the Lord of the Manor (makes early morning visits to the manor 6 days per week to tend the lord's few horses). ST 10 IQ 13 DX 9. Carries a dagger, has cloth armour and two handed spear with talents as needed. Has all the horse/animal trainer talents he has IQ for. He has brought in two teens (farmer's sons), when demand is high, as apprentices.

Town Watch are in shifts of two for Graveyard (midnight to 7), morning (7-4) and 4 at night (4-12). Town Watch are all (ST 12, IQ 9, DX 11(9)) and have small crossbows, leather armor, broadswords and small shields. They are all new mercs and swagger a bit. They are mostly honest and effective, but a bit irritating. The head of the town watch is the Chief Man-At-Arms (Moldof) of the Manor, an aging veteran who is filling in out of duty and not out of love of the job. (ST 17, DX 13 IQ 13 Warrior/Veteran, Sword, Fencing, Tactics, strategist). He has rapier and main-gauche while strolling around town, will arm up with ChainMail, Heavy Crossbow, BastardSword(one hand) and Main-Gauche if he expects a fight.

Main Mage to the Manor is an expert illusionist, Carenda. (ST 17 IQ 18 DX 15: Staff of Power, all illusions, invisibility, image, lighting, reveal magic, mage sight, dazzle, Reveal/Analyze magic, stone flesh, spell shield, dispell illusions, summon gargoyle, Remove Thrown Spell, Lesser Magic Item Creation). She has a 6 ST battery on the tip of her Staff of Power.

There is a very small wizards guild, a couple of small room rented out from main mercantile (around the side door). There are two Wizards Labs (newly installed for travelling mages!), some Wizards Chests, a very small library and a couple of wizards hanging out at any given time. Carenda is the head of the Guild and the most powerful of the wizards in town by far. The others are fairly rustic mages with repair item, fire, control animal and other useful spells for rural life.

Lord of the Manor is Baron Kirgon (ST 16 IQ 15 DX 16: Shield and Fine Trident (+2 Damage, +1DX) and Bola, Fine-Plate. Talents: warrior, horsemanship, leader, Trident, bola, charisma, business sense). Rides a horse into combat. He has three gargoyles guarding the manor with him (in addition to the Man-at-Arms, Carenda, a few squires, and one household servant handy with a spear, plus he can call the town watch, cleric of the town and blacksmith up for a small army of 20 or so). Has had to do that only a few times with a roving band of mercs and orcs. They are effective together and use the town and the gargoyles ability to fly well to ambush and fire arrows before engaging. Carenda will dazzle, summon gargoyle and cast multiple illusions, then support with Remove Thrown Spells and Mage Sight for invisible enemies. Most of the armed men are in the field in the Conflict in the South. He is feeling the pinch of the IS and the Duchy. He greatly admires the Duke and loathes the IS, but loves his independence and proud (though short) family history more. He will join the Duchy if catastrophy strikes or the IS moves in his direction. The Duke wants him sooner and is using the "Conflict" to show how vulnerable he is.

In town are 4 caravans. The wealthiest one is in town and stabled (and in the Cup and Unicorn), the other three are on the outskirts, one of which has it's riding horses stabled.

Also are a troupe of mercinaries from the front on leave with harrowing tales of demons and Hymenopteran and Night-Gaunts (in the Ugly Troll, and it is packed to hear their stories).

Also at the Cup and Unicorn is a traveling Captain from the Duchy with small retinue from the front (not related to the mercs from the front). He is much more closed mouth about the front (adding to the mystery). ST 17 IQ 15 DX 17. Walks around with a Enchanted Fine Bastard Sword (+3 Damage, +1DX), Main-Gauche and Cloth Armour. Can suit up with Enchanted Fine Brigandine (stops 5 hits, -2DX). Talents: Tactics, Strategist, Sword, Diplomacy, Horsemanship, Courtly Graces, Sheild, Fencing/Sword Mastery, Literacy. He will meet the adventurers after they get back from the troll caves. He is proud which makes him more irritable that he cannot figure out the "Conflict". He is proud of his broad education and military abilities. He is from ka'Han (just northwest of Bronar) and is part of an ancient house there. He was chosen personally by the Duke to command the duchy's troops in the south. He was chosen both for his millitary ability and his diplomacy and courtly graces. The Duke wants Lord Kirgon (and other's like him) to join the Duchy, so he sends the Captain to lead forces and woo the local barons. His retinue is one Mage (ST 12 IQ 15 DX 13, Staff, Lightning, Summon Sm. Dragon, 4 hex fire, aid, reveal magic, remove thrown spell, lock/knock, inisibility, summon gargoyle), one Sargent (ST 16 IQ 10 DX 13/10, Chainmail (5 hits), Bastard Sword, Sm. Shield, Lt. Crossbow - Sword, Shield, Crossbow, Horsemanship, Warrior). And his bodygaurd (ST 20 IQ 10 DX 15(12) 4 hits armour. Chainmail, Great Sword, Rapier, Main-Gauche: Sword, Horsemanship, Literacy, Detect Traps, Alertness, Warrior).

A band of bards and players are also in town staying at Mother's Place.

There are also some other mercs around for the arena event staying at the Ugly Troll. A few are nasty including a group of orcs that will riot and attack the adventurers wherever they are. A goblin wizard with a hobgoblin retinue is there. A human group and a small Dwarven group (looking for a fight with orcs to prove themselves, they are well armed with ChainMail, Fine (+1DX +1Damage) Battle Axes, etc).

Arena Contest

Arena contest to decide who gets first crack at the reward money: Casandra casts illusions. Combatants are not allowed to disbelieve. Turns out trolls are cover for evil Mage who was recently run out of Delpan by the Orc/Hymenopteran attack and is trying to regain his mansion and the secret treasure hidden there. Deeper in the cave will be traps and the Mage. Good staff and a blur ring.

The Manor's resident wizard will provide the illusions for combat. Local warriors are off fighting a regional conflict. Local mercs are of varying talent so they are trying to find a way to weed out the chaffe. Initial Arena Combat (party gets first round free as the illusions will be cast as soon as the adventurers enter the arena and cannot do anything that round).
1st fight:
Wolves and Orcs = to party (at
least one orc archer and one orc with leather and sword)

If those are killed, the adventures can heal up if there is a physiker and rest for 1 hour (4ST of fatigue returned). Then they face 2 giants (illusions too). Remember if anyone disbelieves they will be tossed out of the combat via teleport and the illusion will be recast at full strength.

A group of Orcs went first and had to surrender when one of their number was killed and another knocked unconscious. They are sore losers and will pick a fight the night before the adventurers leave if they show up at the Ugly Troll. If they do not, the orcs, with drunk friends, will attempt to storm Mother's Place to "teach them a lesson". One of the town watch will follow the orcs and the other 3 will arrive in 6 turns after the initial combat starts. The one will have his crossbow ready. If the adventurers make a good showing, they will be rewarded with 200SP each one who killed or knocked unconscious an orc rioter. I do give them a chance to avoid this fight, but they have to suck up to the orcs in a big way, which most aren't willing to do!

Rioters: Orc leader: Orc (ST 13 IQ 10 DX 11(9) Leather Armour, Scimitar(Broadsword), Main-gauche, Horse Bow. 3 Orcs (ST 12 IQ 8 DX 10: No armour, Light Mace, Small Shield). They are joined by 3 drunk hobgoblins (ST10, IQ9(8) DX11(9) but they are -1IQ and -2 DX due to intoxication (noted in paranthesis). They carry cutlasses only.

They will be stocked with 8 days of rations, basic supplies (backpack, labyrinth kits, rope, etc). They can purchase weapons and armour for a 15% discount from the blacksmith. Assume he has all non-peculiar weapons on hand plus tridents (for Kirgon). They are directed north along the river and they guess the lair will be within 2 to 3 days march.

Trip out to Troll Caves

They will pass the Goblin Caravan (with a distantly Shogun Japanese feel to their attire and manners, they will have a tea ceremony and be courteous). Get info about the surrounding area with a map if they score very well on reaction roll, or offer him $500. Either way they must be formal and respectful. Head merchant will also warn them of the nocturnal attacks of the leaping spiders and tell them to keep a big fire. Head merchant is a goblin (ST 9, IQ 14 DX 12(11) Cloth Armour: Staff, Illusion, Dazzle, Persuasion, Glamour, Ward, Analyze Magic, Repair, Weapon Enchantment, Reveal/Conceal, Detect Enemies). Has 8 Hobgoblin guards, 4 of which will be on watch. ST 10, IQ 8, DX 10(8): Naginata, Leather Armour. If they attack the other 4 Hobgoglins will be armed (no armour, just weapons) and ready in 10 turns. If the adventurers successfully attack they will get the following, but will face punishment when/if they return to Crosshaven. ($1000, jewels worth $2000, several weapons and 4 sets of plate armour plus foodsuffs and some ponies).

Woods - Group of 2 Orcs and 3 wolves (adventurers can surprise them if they are careful, otherwise they get initiative). Orcs both ST 12, IQ 8, DX 10(9) Cloth Armour, Scimitar/cutlass, small shield, horse bow. Orcs will stand back and fire (preferably at anyone not attacked by a wolf) while wolves go for HTH.

Evey night they camp, there is a 1 in 3 (1 in 6 if they have a big fire constantly going, note the time to find wood, etc) chance that they will be attacked by 2 Leaping Spiders (ST 10, IQ 5, DX 12, leaps 3 hexes into HTH, poison does 2 hits/turn for 2 turn after successful bite). If there is a guard posted, surprise drops to 1 in 6.

Next day they can join a battle in progress of one dead and 2 live centaurs vs. one Cave Troll, 4 orcs and 2 wolves (and one dead Cave troll). One of the Centaurs is a physiker. Centaurs will report of the cave the Trolls are using and give them 3 vials of 4ST healing potions. They were going to investigate the same Troll infestation for the Centaur tribes in the woods north of crosshaven but must turn back for aid.

Centaurs: As in In The Labyrinth. Bastard Swords, Shields, Long Bows. Cloth Armour. One is injured down to 10ST, the other to 11ST. (Dead one has a two handed spear he used to charge attack the dead cave troll).

Cave Troll as per the bestiary.html.
2 orcs: ST 11 IQ 8 DX 10(9): Cutlass, Cloth Armour, Sm Shield.
Wolves as per the spell or bestiary.

The centaurs will give them each a 1D+1 healing potion and the physiker will work on them for free for helping them out. They will tell them about building a large fire and posting sentries at night to avoid the leaping spiders (if the group did not get that information from the goblin merchant). They will also tell them they know of an old Dwarf cave and give them directions to it (this is the location of the Trolls and Mage).

One and a half days travel after the centaur fight they will find the Troll Cave. There is a crude wood bridge that crosses the river to a rocky shore, Bridge Trolls waiting under bridge and an ambush at the mouth of the cave if the adventurers just rush in. Otherwise if they wait or look like they are doing healing or recon, the denizens will charge down the slope to them.

Troll Cave Entrance to cave accross bridge, and on face of valley up from bridge (look out will see the Bridge Troll fight). They will prepare ambush. Throw boulders for 2d if adventurers just march up. Footing is difficult, 3DX roll to avoid falling if hit by boulder. I have the Wizard hiding 1MH in the darkness in the cave to disbelief any summoned being and then retreating if the adventurers get within a MH of the entrance (the adventurers will not see him, their illusions will just disappear).

Cave is an abandoned dwarven "rest stop" when the dwarves were more populous here (several hundred years ago when they were still welcome in Delpan and working on the Duke of Bronar's keep), recently expanded by Cave Troll work (crude).

Few traps, assuming adventurers will be fairly injured from the Leaping Spiders and the Troll/Orc fight. Small cave so not much flying, one megahex accross in tunnels, but low.

Four rooms. Entry room, to the NorthWest is the Orc/Wolf room (three orcs and 2 wolves, if the adventurers are smart they will block the tunnel with any pole arm users). To the Southwest is the Troll Room (One mountain troll, one cave troll). Past the Troll room is the Mage's room. In the hallway between entry and Troll Room is a hidden spider that attacks anything not an orc or troll (wolves are not allowed down that hall). It will be drawn out by summoned beings or illusions.

When adventurers get to the Wizard's room, he is twitching and talking unintelligibly to a mirror they can't see from the entry of the cave. They can surprise if they charge attack. If they try to negotiate he will go invisible and then summon. If things go bad he will try to surrender (he will try to tell them he was mind controled by the demon in the mirror and then will try to escape at the first opportune time with invisibility). If the adventurers kill him, the mirror will crack and out will slither a Demon Imp:
ST10 IQ13 DX12
Spells teleport, fireball, curse, confusion, clumsiness, rope, shock shield, reverse missiles, spell shield, dazzle.
Will go invisible then teleport down the hall and try to escape, does not want to fight at all but to go back to Delpan and await instructions from the Greater Demon lying there.


  1. Trolls
    Bridge 1 hex ST 13 IQ 7 DX 10 Club 1d
  2. Cave 2 hex
    ST 18 IQ 8 DX 10 Club 1+2 Hide stops 1
  3. Mountain 3 hex
    ST 28 IQ 8 DX 11 Club 1+4 Hide stops 2
  4. Orcs and wolves are standard myrmidons and wolves from Wizard/Melee.
  5. Wizard ST 17 IQ 14 DX 11
    3 hex fire, Fireball, Invisibility, Summon Gargoyle, Illusion, Aid, Staff, Reverse Missiles, Summon Lesser Demon, ward, teleport, summon Gargoyle. Has Apprentice Summoners Signaling Staff (reduces the cost for summoning any one-hex creature to 1ST, not including demons). So Gargoyles would be 1ST to summon and 1ST per turn after that.

Hopefully everyone will survive their first adventure. I tend to scale the monsters to the level of the party and it's injuries as they go, assuming this is their first adventure and need a little help. I am mostly looking for them to get the hang of the combat system, expecting ambushes and some basic role playing in town, with the goblin merchant and centaurs (I had a centaur player who was new to role playing games, but she immediately said "Well, I have to rush in and help even though I should probably shoot my bow...", getting that her character might not behave as she would).

The trip home will be uneventful except for the leaping spider possibility (which they should now be able to handle).

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