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Online Character Manager

The Online Character Manger is meant to be an innovative way to store your character on the web, update them easily after adventuring, print them out on demand in a Adventure friendly PDF character sheet for use at the game table. When the adventure is done, add any changes and then you can calculate "work" experience, damage, risk rolls and attribute points earned for those between adventure jobs.

It has three functions:

  1. Store your character on the web for retrieval and/or printing at any time from any place. No more hauling around loose papers that have been marked up beyond recognition. After each adventure you only need to update a few fields (money, EP, maybe an attribute point or two).
  2. With one click, convert your online character to a one page PDF adventuring character sheet designed for printing and using for each play session.
  3. There is a "work" interface that after you tell it how many weeks you want to work will automatically make your risk rolls, pay you your weekly wage and prompt you to choose which attribute you want to raise if you earn one while working. It also ages you the appropriate amount for each week of work.


  1. I am happy to make this resource available to the TFT community Please limit yourself to 5 characters per person.
  2. I make every effort to make sure your data is safe, on a good RAID set and backed up daily. However, I make NO GUARANTEE of any kind that your data will be there when you need it. The security on the site depends only on knowing your character's name (case sensitive). Anyone with malice who knows or guesses your character name can edit or delete it. Please keep a copy after each update (you can easily do this by clicking on the characteer PDF and save it to your hard drive).
  3. In order to make the data fit on one page in PDF, most descriptive fields are restricted to 35 characters or less. Other fields like Damage, Cost and such are much smaller (1-7 characters). This should be enough, but you may get odd warnings if you go over those limits.

    Please use this for the intent it was made for and enjoy!