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Note! You will want to read the Political Geography page for descriptions and locations of the areas below. Here are my two Campaigns:
The Borderlands Campaign
The Imperial Mapping Campaign
and then
Other undeveloped Campaigns I have played with.

7Hex Dragon Campaigns

I have two campaigns laid out. The most developed is the Bordlands Campaign and the other is the Imperial Sorcerer Mapping Campaign. Both were designed to take beginning characters (34 points) and take them all the way through to upper-40s to 50 point characters. The major players are the Duchy of Mt. Bronar, the Imperial Sorcerers (the IS), an Orc Shaman and the Vampire Lord Dranyon. The Orc shaman and Dranyon are separately, and competatively, trying to awaken a Greater Demon buried somewhere in the Borderlands. Dranyon believes he is somewhere closer to the Wildwood, where he came from, and wants to control him to aid his plans to recreate a new version of the Kirean Kingdom. The Orc Shaman has more concrete information that the Demon is in or near Delpan, and wants the Demon to return to his role as demi-god to his tribe. Dranyon knows a bit about the Shaman and has a Vampire Prince following him around just in case the Shaman is actually on to something (which he doubts). The Shaman does not know about the Vampire lord, though knows a Vampire Prince is following him and is generally paranoid. The Duchy and IS, who know almost nothing about the Demon, Shaman and Dranyon, are using the confusion of the awakening demon and the activities of Dranyon and Shaman to gain influence in the Borderlands, which marks the buffer zone between them. The Duke is pressuring Barons and Lords to join the Duchy, and the IS is preparing to advance it's Northern Border to form a protective zone and to offer help to the Southern-most Barons. The IS and Duchy have agents in the field trying to understand the "Conflict in the South" (or the "Border Chaos" if you are in the IS), but don't have much concrete past undead and some odd hymenopteran activity. The "Conflict in the South" is the uncoordinated activities of the Shaman (orc attacks south and west of Delpan), Dranyon (Night Gaunts, some orcs and hymenopteran he has manipulated via telepathy and mind control) expanding and feeding his forces and looking for the Demon. Finally the Greater Demon is coming out of his hibernation and exerting some dream-like magical influence in the region and is subconsciously coordinating the Shaman and Dranyon's activities and animating the denizens of the Wildwood.

While this is intended for beginning characters, there is an easy way to make this an advanced campaign from the start. That is to have Winged Shadow Demons explode out of Delpan much earlier in the Campaign. Then adjust the Borderlands Campaign to be one of initial rescue, and then trying to understand where these creatures came from (which will take them to the Wildwoods and Kirea Atlon). Adjust the Imperial Mapping Campaign to be one of scouts running ahead of IS infantry to see what happened at Delpan, then called across to Gleremere where the traffic will be much more obvious and difficult (Vampire Lord and Demon Drivers/Drones crawling the place, sacking the pirate cove, setting up shop, etc).

I highly recommend you build your own hex map to be at least 8MH x 5MH (mine is 9MH x 6MH) so you can allow more realistic and strategic combat options, trees, river banks, bridges, ambushes, archers get a break, it takes more than one turn for a wolf to leap into HTH, etc.

The Borderlands Campaign

The Borderlands Campaign - This is suited for beginning adventurers (and designed to take them to 50 point characters) and is easiest as it allows the most varied of adventurers (the IS Campaign is more designed for military types, Hoplites, military scouts, etc), though note most of the combat is outdoors, so some level of tracking, naturalist, horsemanship, etc talents are very helpful in addition to advanced combat ones. The adventurers start in the small Borderlands town of Crosshaven and venture out to the Duchy and the Wildwood to unravel the mystery of the "Conflict in the South". They should be told that the Imperial Sorcerers (IS) are a ravenous empire that must be resisted to preserve the rich ways of life of the borderlands (nomads, farmers, old families, etc) as against the homogenising and corrupt IS. The Dwarves are excellent smiths but too self-interested to be fully trusted. The Duchy is a good organisation with noble intent but there are slight worries that while the Duke is an honourable man, that his successor may not be and they don't want to recreate another IS in the North.

The adventurers start out in the town of Crosshaven and are chosen to rid the northern road of a troll/orc group of bandits (most of the fighting men have been called up to go to the "Conflict in the South"). They travel 3 or 4 days north to an abandoned Dwarf shelter and kill the trolls and find a demented wizard who is running the show. He is twitching and talking to a mirror which contains a Demon Imp. Upon return to Crosshaven, the Wizard is recognised as coming from the city of Delpan that was recently sacked by Hymenopteran and Orcs (again, Orcs and Hymenopteran don't usually work together?!?) as part of the "Conflict in the South". Their second adventure is going to the city (possibly with an NPC scout) where they penetrate the Wizard's mansion and find an orc shaman trying (unsuccessfully) to awaken a greater demon buried in the basement of the Wizard's mansion (see Delpan). That Greater Demon is believed to have come from the Wildlands. The Lord of Crosshaven and his chief Mage then sends the adventurers to Naroth, the nearest large city to search out a Wizard of the Duke's Court for advice. They are given a letter from the Captain and instruction where to find the wizard and lodging.

The road to Naroth is fairly well travelled and I have merely given them the chance to fight off Orc bandits or to be stumbled upon by a Vampire with Spawn. You can stick a programmed adventure here (I just used the Orc Caverns from Dark City Games check out their other adventures too!). Ideally, you can put in a few goodies specially designed for your characters.

Naroth is in a bit of turmoil as it is used as a staging ground for troops to head to the "Conflict in the South". Additionally, there seem to be more creatures escaping from the Wildwood past the Elven rangers and harassing towns and caravans to the East. In Naroth is a visiting Centaur and Elven Ranger group from the Wildwood (to introduce the players to powerful figures who they will later hook up with on the edge of the Wildwood). They are 50 - 60 point NPCs with Ranger Cloaks and other goodies. The adventurers report to the local Baron's Keep and inquire about the Wizard. The Wizard has been called out to the Wildwood 2 weeks ago at the urgent request of the Rangers. He is expected back in 2 weeks. The adventurers are put up in the Keep and given some training in whatever talents or spells they want (short of Thieves Guild things) out of respect for the Captain in Crosshaven. After 3 weeks a runner comes in and report that things are worse then anticipated and to send a contingent. The Baron asks the adventurers to leave immediately and a contingent will follow within 4 days.

The Adventurers are sent to the Fort nearest the Wildwood to find him. This trip is more wild and the adventurers will be waylaid by creatures from the Wood who seem to be pouring out. Night-Gaunts, Giant/Mutant Insects/Rodents, a Demon Drone, etc. I also insert a small burnt out town that needs people rescued (I use the town at the back of In The Labyrinth, and throw in the barbarian warrior priestess Glainsare cruising to easy victory over some hymenopteron to give them some advice on how to travel around if the players are not doing well). At the Fort, the Wizard Talryne is out supporting an investigation after an elf band was attacked by a demon driver and drones. The adventurers go out to meet Talryne and are attacked by some scattered Drones fleeing the battle with the Elves. When they get near the camp of Talryne, it is under siege by Hymenopteran and the adventurers are attacked by Plunger scouts. At the camp Talryne turns out to be powerful (56 point wizard with good magic items, including a 15 point ST Battery), but down to earth. He is a practical researcher, but doesn't mind a good fight (Indianna Jones?). He asks the adventurers to go to the Duke and deliver a message that there is definitely a controlling intelligence to the attacks in the Confict in the South. He is not sure if it is demonic or vampiric, though the scale of this suggests demonic. He has seen Hymenopteran with a Demon Driver and the Vampires are multiplying rapidly with reports of a powerful Prince along the Coast. Rural areas are getting scared and starting to abandon their farms for protection from the Fort. He asks for a high ranking Necromancer from one of the Enforcer Brotherhoods in Bronar to come out. The adventurers can request help there to investigate their buried Demon in Delpan as he is hard pressed here. He will take them to show them what he has found about the rise of Vampires and the cooperation of orcs, vampires, night-gaunts, hymenopteran and demons. He is on very good terms with the Centaur and Elven Rangers and reports they have seen a dramatic rise of nasties out of the Wildwood and have mounted raids deep into the wood to clear out pockets of spiders and undead (they found a recently abandoned Kirean Manor that had evidence of Vampires). They have been unable to find any demon gatherings or strongholds. Lots of opportunities for interaction with the Rangers and training. Little combats to build up experience (help guard an investigation, run a message and be ambushed, etc). I have one specific cave adventure, they climb down a 2 story natural shaft and explore some caves with Talryne and a few strong warriors and find a Vampire staging ground where there is reference to the Vampire Lord in Gleremere (this is Dranyon's old caves and there are Vampires, Spawn, Night Gaunts and Shawdow Wight Mages there). The Wizard is going to go with the Rangers to do more investigation (though not all the way to the coast). He sends the adventurers back to Bronar. At this point the adventurers should be 40 point characters. I am fairly stingy on the magic items (though happily hand out Fine Weapons and Armour), but I make the caves fairly rewarding for the level of challenge. They should pick up a few enchanted weapons and armours and magic items in the caves (including a Circlet of Darkness, a Gleremer Glass Sword and maybe a Night Crystal).

In Voice of the Dragons, the Adventurers then travel to see the Duke of Mt. Bronar. This is a long trip and there are several opportunities for encounters where combat is inevitable and also where roving groups of barbarians or others can test the adventurers ability to negotiate. These groups can give the adventurers magic items if they see they are fighting demons and undead, etc. I have them take the northern route to the Duke to pass through ka'Han. They run into several barbarian tribes and at least two pick fights or duels. Early on they will be set upon by Night Gaunts, Giant Spiders, Zombies (not necessarily human) and Giant Rats that have been pouring out of the WildWood. Finally, I have them meet a delegation from the Imperial Sorcerers heading back south after unsuccessful negotiations with the Duke regarding the Borderlands.

At the Duke's court they give their message. The Duke asks them to go back to Crosshaven as he has had bad news from there and he will send along a competent Mage and small company in 2 weeks when they return from Mount Bronar. He will give them basic enchanted armour and weapons (especially backup ones if they have a good main one) and maybe a fire type item to a wizard.

The Duke tells them to go with a small delegation of Wizards and talk to one of the Dragon representatives about the issue, as these dragons have a slight gift of future sight and have helped the Duchy before. The trip is uneventful and no combat (though I offer a free point sometimes here to any one who is lagging as they train with the Wizards and their Heroes on the way there). At the Dragon's cave the old dragon sees Crosshaven in turmoil and senses the coming of a dark danger out of the South (this is actually Winged Shadow Demons) from a city the description of which the adventurers recognize as Delpan. The Duke asks them to go back to Crosshaven to help with it's defenses. He will send a small, elite team to investigate Delpan.

Homecoming The trip back to Crosshaven is easy at first, but gets increasingly difficult with bad creatures who have crept in from the east and south. The roads are much more dangerous with Night-Gaunts, Vampires, orcs and the occasional demon on the prowl (Hymenoperan have not come this far north). The adventurers will have to play with different ways of camping and traveling (night is more dangerous than day). If they decide to follow the river, then they will pass the Troll caves where this all started. The trip home will likey take a month or more if they have to rest up to heal. Make sure you have an eye on their provisions as pack animals will be hard to keep in line (but the Battle Llama or a well trained war horse will do well).

By the time the adventurers get within a few days ride from Crosshaven they would have been gone for close to two years at this point (likely 18-22 months with approx 1400 miles travel over 200 days, probably another 90+ days healing time between encounters, actual adventure time of 30+ days, 120+ days training with the Centaurs, Talryne and with the Duke, down time in Naroth and Mt. Bronar of 30 days, etc). Crosshaven is in shambles. The Conflict in the South has moved to the farmlands that border it to the south and it is in full defensive posture. About a quarter of the rural population has been killed in the last 8 months by raiding Hymenopteran, Orcs and some undead (mostly Night Gaunts and Vampires). A quick defensive perimeter has been set around where the roads cross and the more important buildings (the Inns, etc). Trade has all but ceased except for a few well armed caravans (mostly the Dwarves with Reptile Man Guards, the Duke's and IS merchants in larger, well-armed convoys) and they are in a war economy setting. Orcs have all been sent out of the town 8 months ago (the mini-riot after the arena fight was just the beginning). The farming families are now staying in the Inns and travelling to their farms by day to work them in large groups. They avoid travelling by night between the end of Waning Crescent Moon and the Waxing Crescent Moon. The Duke has sent some aid in the form of a small contingent of knights and squires to help in the defence, in exchange for Lord Kirgon joining the Duchy. Plus some of the militia have returned from working with the Duchy and are protecting their families. There are one or two Combat Necromancers with Warders investigating the Night Gaunts and Vampire activity (they are staying at Mother's Place). The Captain that was staying at Mother's Inn has relocated to the major city northwest of Crosshaven, Naroth, where most of the Caravans depart for the IS and West to the Backbone mountains. He is taking a more defensive posture and focusing on defending the Duchy from attacks from the South and now East. The adventurers now help defend the city against an attack of vampires, orcs and night-gaunts, then go on missions to save farm families with or without help from the Duke's knights. I have them run into some of the Nomadic tribes that have been fleeing north from the IS, and now northwest from the "Conflict". After three or four missions like this the town will be over run by an Hymenopteran raid with a Demon Driver/Drones and a few night-gaunts in their wake.

They will be pushed north. Kirgon urges the adventurers to help 30 of the civilian population escape north into Naroth (since the adventurers know the path there). The Duke's Wizard (Lord Karnae, ST20 IQ17 DX15) finally arrives and is still going to try to get to Delpan for a quick recon with 3 of the Duke's rangers (50 point, and good magic stealth cloaks and well armed with Enchanted Swords, Demon Cleavers and Shields of Avert). In fleeing to the north, the adventurers will run into some gruff and hardy woodsmen who help them escape (they will run into them again later and will help move the plot along). I have them spend 3 to 4 months doing this (with 4 major incidents, 8 minor ones and healing time of several weeks). The Wizard agrees with the plan to save the civilians and asks the adventurers to meet him back here in the woods with the gruff woodsmen in 2 weeks so they can share information and plan their next move.

The second trip to Naroth is difficult at first and they have to come up with clever ways to protect the helpless civilians (mostly the elderly, women and children) through the treck north. As they get closer to Naroth it gets easier, but lots of opportunities for strategically interesting combat. Two days out of Naroth the adventurers feel an earthquake and see an odd thunderhead type cloud arise from the south and settle back down. (This is of course the explosion of Winged Shadow demons that all fear). Any naturalists, scholars, Necromancers or Wizards with a Summon (Lesser) Demon under their belts should be told that there is something not right in that cloud.

The adventurers should now be fairly competent. 44 to 47 point characters with a good variety of magic items (5-10 point ST batteries for the Wizards, blur rings, enchanted armour (1-3 points), enchanted weapons (+1 DX and maybe +2 damage with other spells), detect enemy neclaces and some defensive magic items plus a few more powerful ones between them (Dead Hammers or Gleremere Mirage Staff.

The return trip to Crosshaven is even more difficult, Night-Gaunts, Winged Shadow Demons, Demon Drones, etc. By the time the adventurers get to Crosshaven, it is totally abanondoned, much of the rural population having gone to Naroth and the wizards and nobility heading north to the Duchy to join the Duke's millitary forces. A few bandits and gruff woodsmen have refused to leave and have become adept at hiding out during the night and foraging in the day. They will give the adventurers pointers on how to fight the Winged Shadow Demons. They are the first to report Zombies of higher than normal intelligence (these turn out to be Kirean Zombies). One group of woodsmen will ask the adventurers to come with them to talk to one of the rangers from the Duchy that escaped out of Delpan with harrowing tales.

In woodsman's hut they find the last member of the Duke's Recon party, badly injured and feverishly ill, trying to return the message of the Winged Shadow Demons to the Duke. He is near delirium, though he does recognize the adventurers and tells them he has two messages that must be delivered to the Duke:

  1. Winged Shadow Demons have exploded out of Delpan.
  2. Orcish and Human Kirean Zombies have been seen outside Delpan numbering in the high hundreds (to the East) if not a thousand, they seem to be more intelligent than normal Zombies and the Wizard wanted a Necromancer to come investigate. An Orc Shaman has come to rule much of the area, joining three Orc tribes together with some fearful power that creates these Zombies. He has sacked most of the manors in the area in a highly sophisticated blitzkrieg.

The scout will linger for a few days and then finally slip into a coma and die (before he dies he will offer his magic items to the party members, but his cloak he will give preference to Elves or Centaurs as it is a Ranger Cloak). He also has a Frosted Gleremer Glass Sword, +2 Leather Armour, a circlet of Detect Enemies and a Blur Ring (both the ring and circlet require the wearer to power the spells normally)

The party will know that there is no population left between here and Delpan. This time the road is fraught with peril. The Orc Shaman from Delpan (who is significantly more powerfull now) had started to commune with the Demon Lord via telepathy and the Stone (note the Demon Lord is still in a hibernation but slowly coming out of it). The Demon Lord told him to start sacrificing any captives he can find and taught him the spell to create Kirean Zombies with the Kirean Stone Knife he posesses. The Demon Lord told him that he sensed an explosion of Winged Shadow Demons and that they would not attack the undead. He thinks this is a sign he is coming out of his hibernation. The adventurers will run into the whole gamut. Night-gaunts, orcs, Kirean Zombies, Demons from Drivers to Drones to Winged Shadow Demons, and an occasional Vampire or two. The Vampire Lord Dranyon is trying to force his way between the Orc Shaman and the Demon and control both. He is a very powerful Vampire Lord, but it is a risky endevour.

In Naroth they will be asked to take an IS representative as close as they can to Delpan (since they know it well) to convince the IS to send troops to guard their northern border and harrass any nasties they can, additionally they are asked to find the Orc Shaman and either attack or bring back intelligence if attack seems doomed. The IS representative will be a Wizard of the Secret Police (ST15 IQ15 DX14: Staff topped with Crytal Ball, Blur Ring, 10ST battery necklace), though will claim to be a simple low-level diplomat from the Secretariat. He will arrange to spy on the adventurers by grabbing personal items, or even hair or blood by offering to "help" any physiker in the group. Though note he is likely to be ammenable to sending aid as the IS is looking for opportunities to move into the Borderlands. This adventure then has then two dimensions: (1) interact with the IS diplomat (convince him to help and even figure out he may be spying on them) and (2) fight their way as close to Delpan as possible. The Orc Shamen is now ST22 IQ15 DX16 - A Vampire Lord's Fang, the Kirean Stone Dagger and an Orcish Shaman Staff with an orc spirit (ST9 IQ9: Trip, Drop Weapon, Confuse). He has also turned the Demon's Stone into a 10ST battery. Around him he has 60 or more Kirean Zombies in tow in addition to 2 warlords and 80 regular orcs. He has a pet Imp (the same one we met in the very first adventure!). Both warlords and 6 of their best personal guard have Graknon Knifes recovered from an ancient vault in Delpan).

This mostly ends the adventure, they should be close to 50 point characters now (47+).

After the Dragons attack Mt. Kir, they are free to help Crosshaven rebuild or take a place in the Duke's army and defend against the Gargoyle attack. Finally, they can be part of a group from the Duchy that confronts IS troops who have made a general advance in 4 locations along the border with the idea of securing their own borders from the "Conflict". They have recalled parts of the Army of the West to staff the western end of the front. We have never gotten that far as interest eventually fades and this campaign has taken at least 8 months!

The Imperial Sorcerers Campaign

The adventurers start out as novice scouts for the IS to the far North East of the Empire and all the lands to the north should be described as barbaric, demon haunted, dragon/gargoyle ridden and out of control. The Borderlands are crude bunch of contentious petty nobles, stopping progress so they can hold on to old titles and power. The Nomads are violent, uncultured and barbaric. The IS, despite some internal problems, occasional corruption and arrogance is a highly cultured society who abolished slavery, advanced the magical and fine arts, have an advanced legal framework to work out conflicts without bloodshed.

The adventurers are part of small group of IS scouts (scouts have more leeway in armaments and behaviour in the regimented IS Army) who will be mapping the borderlands up to the Wild Wood. They will stay close to the coast on the way north, with the idea that they will then get to the Wood, turn West and zig zag back down, noting strategic points like roads, hidden valleys, caves, etc. The gist of this campaign is to bring order to the borderlands and the Wildwood, finally discovering that there is demonic influence reaching from the Old Kirean Empire to the Elder Council (three of the Eldar Council are playing a dangerous game hidden from their peers of fanning the demonic activity in the Wildland to weaken the Duchy and create an excuse to invade the borderlands, they think the Duchy and the Demons will wear each other out and the IS infantry can mop up the losers).They do not know of the Dragonic help the Duchy is going to get.

They will start out from the temporary Fort Mirali in the northeast of the Empire. They will travel to the ruins on the coast and head due north to the Wildwood. They will meet with the Centaurs there and map the southern edge of the Wood (the adventurers carry with them a large Spell Book as payment to the Centaurs for this help).

Traveling to Glermere will involve lots of small encounters to get them used to the basic combat rules. They will run into some wolves and leaping spiders to learn to defend against fast moving HTH creaters. They will run into Orc nomads to learn to ambush and camp well with lookouts all night. As they get closer to Gleremere, they will run into a few Hymenopteran scouts and a lone Night Gaunt or two. Hopefully they can rest up and add atttribute points in some small fishing villages where they can help repel and orc or hymenopteran attack. I have one manor with a wizard and knights to train them.

The ruins are part of a stand alone city state, Gleremere (it is this city that created the Iris Glass Jewels , Soul Mirror and Glass Swords and there are likely to be some strewn around). They were sacked by pirates (part of the remnant of Cartoque's Fleet 300 years ago and left mostly abandoned. The ruins are inhabited by an odd collection of undead, pirates who use it as a staging area for attacks on ships who trade along the various coastal villages, ghouls, rats (giant and otherwise) and hymenopteran (there are two large hives on the outskirts of the city). The scouts are ordered to attack any pirate holds they find that they think they can take or, failing that, to collect intelligence for a later raid by an IS Elite Squad. The pirates are mostly out, so the Adventurers should be able to take out the base on the docks of an old abanonded mansion on the water, burn it and retreat before the main ships come back. They can recover some nice weapons and gems to start them on their other adventures. Additionally, there is a decrepit mansion that houses a Vampire Prince and Spawn. I use the same mansion that is in Delpan for ease, but in this case, there is evidence of a demonic influence in the Elder Council. The Vampire is part of an underground communication route between the Wildwood and Dar Karador.

Next stop is the Edge of the Wildwood and the Centaurs who take them along the edge of the Woods and train them to maximise their experience point gains. They can run scout for the centaurs and fight the lesser inhabitants of the Wildwood. Clear out caves of night-gaunts, giant spiders and rats, etc. Mapping all the while. The Centaurs tell them of the extreme increase in undead, demon and hymenopteran activity in the area and also hint that they know of travel heading south along the coast (too far east for the Centaurs to put a stop to), which the scouts saw in the Vampire Mansion. They should be 37-38 point characters after leaving the Rangers.

They will then head south through the rolling wooded hills of the Borderlands, east of Delpan. The adventurers should be nearing or at 40 points and capable of handling themselves. They will run into Trolls, Orcs and Hymenopteran. They will also run into bandits, adventurers and others who can turn into negotiated allies. In this phase, the GM can insert a programmed adventure, tweaked for IS Scouts. They finish their mapping quest and return to the IS at Fort Girsallar, 130 miles east of Mirali. They should be over 40 point characters by now.

They report to the CO of Girsallar about the whole trip and the Vampire Mansion and Centaurs most particularly. He leaves them and calls a friend in the Secret Police, who travels out to Girsallar (the adventurers get free training in anything they wan). They meet with the Wizard from the Secret Police who swears them to secrecy. He wants them to go on an intelligence gathering mission. Watch the road between the ruins and the Wildwood for a month and take notes on comings and going. Capture and bring back anyone/thing that looks intelligent enough to give information. Then go back to the mansion and collect evidence of demonic/vampiric activity.

The ruins are more dangerous now. There is only one band of pirates left (they were distantly related to Cartoque and the crew is mixed skeleton/living. And there are a strong group. Winged Shadow Demons have moved in from the Wildwood and the traffic in Vampires, Imps and Demon Drones is greatly increased. Lots of room for fighting in the ruins. Penetrating the Mansion again, Vampire Lord Dranyon is moving vampires and men here to control the activity from the WildWood to Dar Karador and to ensare the Hymenoptans around the ruins of Gleremere. They are to run an intelligence gathering mission and will find that there is Vampiric influence in Dar Karador and elements of the Elder Council. If they are driven back, then I give them a second opportunity to intercept communications from a band of Drones and a Vampire Prince on their way back to Girsallar.

It turns out the second staging point is inside the IS on the coast. There is a series of hidden caves in the cliffs that the river has formed on it's way out to sea that are about 140 miles from Dar Karador. The scouts will head there (possibly with a powerful NPC Intelligence Wizard) to scout out the extent of the caves and to penetrate to collect evidence. This can go on for several adventures and will involve the ethical millitary dilema of deciding when to attack IS citizens involved in the secret liason route.

At this point the characters should be 50+ point characters and fairly mighty, a good collection of magic items. They are sent to Dar Karador to present their evidence to the head of Intelligence (who is not implicated in the demonic influence). The Eldar Council executes the three renegades, but carrying out their policy by ordering the Army of the West into the Borderlands, and having all three forts move their forces north accross the IS/Borderlands border. Our heros are given awards and asked to go back to Gleremere to wipe out the Vampire Lord (you can add a powerful NPC Sorcerer to accompany them too).

Other Campaigns I have considered by not fleshed out

These are just some ad hoc one-off adventures I have done or some I have taken notes on but never used.

Centaur/Elf campaign around the Wildlands. Patrolling and making raids into Kir Ornault and Kirea Atlon itself. Good for hack-n-slay adventures (clearly evil enemy in its own stronghold). Lots of fun magic items from Gleremere, the Ranger Cloak, etc.

Nomads - Good for you horse and other mounted riders. The nomads actually laid siege to Dar Karador several hundred years ago, but have been defeated and pushed further and further northwest. Lots of good material for internal tribal warfare, raids into the IS, defense against Hymenopterans, etc. Alternately, you can play IS cavalry or infantry harrassed by the Nomads and play a game of trying to hunt them to get some hair or other part of the group so you can track them with Imperial Crystal Balls for an ambush.

Barbarians of the High Plains - The barbarians of the High Plains can fight off the Gargoyles of the Northern Mountains, stop raids from the Wildlands, fight amongst themselves, spirit quest in the Karlyd tundra north of the Gargoyle Mountains, negotiate with the Duchy, raid a local baronial manor to the south, etc. You can be a shaman of the forest dwellers and go to a local Temple for help in dealing with gargoyles or hymenopteran, and deal with the Priests looking down on you.

Reptile Man/Dwarf alliance. Intrigue against the IS. Players can be Dwarves or Reptile Men and do their arms smuggling past IS sentries and the cave creatures in the wild southern tunnels of the Backbone Mountains. Reptile men ride Saurians with the Dwarven caravans. The Dwarven elite can accompany a high priced caravan armed with Axes of Grellmore. I ran a one off adventure with this, great combination of IS sentry bribery, outdoor mounted combat, and a traditional cave crawl at the end. Be that hulking Reptile Man you have always wanted to be.

Delegates to the Karlyd Tundra - The Duke of Bronar is sending a delegation to the Karlyd Tundra to speak with the residents there about an alliance or at least some magic sharing. This would be an advanced party (46+ point Characters). They would be hunted and have to prove themselves to the Karlydians. Then they would be involved in some intertribal warfare. The Karlydians have a clan based society that has some interclan hierarchy that allows for some of the higher tribes to tap lower ones for troops or items. It mostly forbids lower tribes from feuding with higher ones. They are very territorial, with expert scouting parties that hunt and roam the borders of their land to find signs of intruders.

Thurian Order Intrigue - Be a member of the Order of the Chameleon or a member of the IS Secret Police. Plot daring raids against IS units and other sabotage, or hunt the hated Chameleons with crystal balls and paid informants. Be a member of the Order of the Fox and plot in the Duchy of Bronar.

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