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NOTE! Some of the creatures and spells here are from 7 Hex Dragon's House Rules
Please see there for explanations of unknown terms, spells or damages.
We have a more stratified Demon culture (Imp, Drone, Succubus/Incubus, Driver, Reaper, Lesser, Greater, Winged Shadow).
We have a more stratified Undead culture (True Skeletons, Revenants, Banshees, Shadow Wights, Vampires, etc.)
Also, we go with a more traditional approach to Vampires (i.e. not a disease).
We have adapted Dragonnewts from old RuneQuest at the request of a young player.

Banshee 6-20 7-15 9-15 12 Special The Banshee is an undead ghost, often female, who died in a fit of grief and left an impressioned remain that exudes MH Despair and can "cast"/emit a Piercing Cry (Cost 2ST) that acts like an Induce Fear spell in a 2MH radius of the cry and despair spell 1MH radius past that. Touch is like a 1+1 Drain Life spell and heals all injuries since injuries to this ghostly figure are considered fatigue. Only spells and magic weapons can harm a Banshee. Magic Weapons and Missile Spells do half damage. See our House Rules for the Despair and Induce Fear spells.
Bear 30 6 11 10 2 2+2 Bite/Claw
Boar-Q-Pine 35 5 10 14 14 Charge 2+2 Knock Down. Bite/Gore 2-1. From Avatar: The Last Airbender. See Airbender House Rules
Demon Driver 20-31 14 14-19 12 4 Demon Lieutenant, 7' tall, variable appearance, thick horned hide, fearsome, drives Drones (infantry), Imps (spell support) and Succubi (spies and enforcers) with a fiery whip (2+1 Flame does +2) and Demon Skull Spirit Jar (10ST or more) in other hand. Talents: Tactician, Strategist, U.C. I,II. Spells: Confusion, 3-hex Fire, 3-hex Shadow, Stop, Curse, Control Person, Rope, Fireball, Invisibility.
Demon Drone 15 9 11 12 3 Demon Infantry, highly varied appearance (spider-like, bipdal humanoid, mixed animal human, 5-7' tall, burly, crude clawed hands and horns, 2-1. Can head butt like Minotaur for a spiked shield rush if has appropriate head. Can Berserk. Utterly fearless, will fight to the death. Talents: Unarmed Combat, Move Silently.
Demon Imp 10 13 12 8 none Small demon spawn, cruel humour, will often be backup for stronger demon (pet for an Incubus/Succubus, spy/mage for Driver, Reaper, Lesser or Greater). Spells: teleport, fireball, curse, confusion, clumsiness, rope, shock shield, reverse missiles, spell shield, dazzle. Can bite for 1-2, but will more likey teleport out rather than risk HTH.
Demon Reaper 21-40 12-17 19-28 8/24 3 Demon Hunter and Collector of souls. The most alert to the Spirit Field of the demons and charged with collecting souls as they wander. Tall (7' or so), gaunt; more dark skin stretched over bones, mostly bipedal with enormous boney bat-like wings. They carry large polearms (sickles and others), swords or axes which usually have the ability to drain life like the Dead Hammers and other powers. They, like liches, carry a MH Induce Fear around them at all times and greatly prefer to fly rather than walk. They work alone or in very small groups (2-5) for unknown reasons. They can have a variety of spells, especially Necromantic ones (summon spectre, drain life, induce fear, etc, though they don't summon True Skeletons). Darkness, teleport, invisibility and mind control spells are most common.
Demon, Succubus/Incubus 13-17 14 11 10 1 Highly Attractive and vindictive demons who use wiles over brawn (including the best known, seduction, but all modes of persuasion through adiction or blackmail are exploited). Spells: Confusion, Curse, Glamour, Fire, Shadow, Control Person, Sleep, Illusion, Control Animal, Persuasiveness, Telepathy. Should have some talents too, weapons and Charisma, etc.
Demon, Winged Shadow 7-18 7 10-14 4/16 1 These terrifying and strange creatures are definitely demonic, yet there is evidence that even other demons fear these collective hive creatures, they do not seem to be under the direct control of even greater demons. They look distantly like shadowy flying sting rays (with a very short tail) with dark grey gellatinous bodies and cloaked in light shadow that makes them difficult to hit (-1DX or -2DX at night or in dim light). See the Demon Page for more info on these creatures. Their tails hit for 1+1 and secrete a substance that stiffens muscles for -2DX for 8 turns. Their bite does 1+2 in HTH. They have collective decision making and some IQ 8 Shadows can have up to 3 spells.
Ice Dragons variable like other dragons variable variable variable variable Ice Dragons are similar to their fire breathing brethren in size, MA and damage, but the exhale a bitterly sub-zero ice cloud that causes the usual fire damage minus 1, but then the victim must Contest Save vs the Strength of the Ice Dragon or suffer -2DX for a number of turns equal to the hex-size of the dragon who breathed it. They are highly intelligent, more social than the fire drakes, and hence, more political. There will be infrequent civil wars, cold wars (as it were), schisms, etc.
Dragonnewt 15 12 10 8/16 3 Adapted from RuneQuest. They come in stages, see 7Hex Dragon's Dragonnewt page for full details.
Frost Elemental Var 8 12 12 3 2d touch -2DX chills. Frost elementals appear as ghostly figures inside a Mist (like the spell above), they are hard to see/hit. They can cast 4 Hex Frost Cloud or if they expend 3MA in one hex, they can turn it into a Frost Cloud Hex, like the spell from 7HexDragon house rules. Every successfull melee attack requires a save/contest save vs ST to avoid -2DX due to Chills (like the spell above). Takes double damage from fire spells unharmed/unaffected by ice/frost spells (may heal them from fire damage though at half-effectiveness, so a cone of cold that roles 8 "damage" would heal 4 ST to an Frost Elemental)
Gargoyle 20 8 11 8/16 3 2d punch. Flight
Giant 30+ 8 9 8 none 3+3 with club
Harpy 10 9 9 6/16 1 Looking like a large, filthy crow with humanoid head, hide stops 1, claws do 1+2, can use very small weapons (disbalances them in fligh) favors Sm. Axe. Flies and likes to fly overhead and drop into HTH Combat with Claws.
Kobold 7 8-10 9-11 8 1 Small cannon fodder adapted from D&D, fairly coordinated and living in largish social groups. Clans to full kobold cities. They can have some basic wizards amongst their brighter members and can be highly organized and even economically sophisticated if a ruling group can effectively educate the rest. They hire out as cheap mercinaries. They are a bit shy around larger humanoids (and down right terrified of Reptile Men), though they get along very well with Giants for some reason and will often have mutual pacts with Giants, the koblolds will do the more sophisticated work of guarding treasure, remembering to feed pets and agriculture (which Giants are hard pressed to conceive) in exchange for the Giant helping with heavy lifting and defense/wars. Kobolds are a bit on the quarrelsome side, and will fight amongst themselves and with others (mostly orcs) in a fairly organized way, always hoping to ambush rather than do a frontal charge. They carry small weapons the do much less damage, but only have 5,6,7 and 8ST requirements (hatchets, long knives/daggers, small bows 1-2 and small spears 1-1). They are adequate wood workers and can build snug, if inelegant single storey houses if outdoors, or can do some basic stone work to expand caves for better quarters underground. Advanced kobolds can have maximum ST13 IQ13 DX29 and even have a few spells, kobold wizards are very rare.
Llama, Battle 23 7 11 20 none Bite 1-1, Kick 1+1 Llamas are generally fearless herding animals and will scatter a pack of wolves to save a sheep. They are highly intelligent and will not panic. Battle Llamas are as tall as a big draft horse, but thinner, not as strong but more agile. They are much more sure footed in underground settings (due to their unique foot structure), only getting a -2DX and not likely to slip. Bred by the Order of the Llama knights in Thur to help them in their judicial circuits travel over any kind of terrain.
Medusa 13+ 13+ 11+ 10 none Look at her and 3d save vs DX or turned to stone, even reflection causes Confusion as per spell, snakes bite for 1-1 in HTH (1-3 time per turn). Medusii can have any weapon and talents they can get training for.
Minotaur 19 8 13 12 1 Large (7+ foot) Bull/Human combo, wields a two handed Axe for 3d (or 3+3). Can charge and head butt, like "shield rush" with spiked shield, but for damage of 1+2.
Myrmidon 12 8 12 10 none Broadsword 2d
NightMare 24-28 7 12 24 none Steed with blazing red eyes and dull hair, created by a collusion of Vampires and a Lesser Demon, these fierce mounts are an eerie mix of undead horse and demon. They can be any kind of horse, but the process is involved an slightly dangerous so warhorse quality horses mostly end up as NightMares. The horse is drained by a vampire and let die. The Lesser Demon then desecrates the soil upon which the horse is laid. The horse is reborn with a fairly high intelligence from the demon and a hunger for blood. The horse is under the control of the vampire who killed, becoming his lifelong steed. Vampires can give these steed away to other beings of sufficiently advanced intelligence (and preferably telepathy). Demon Drivers, and other creatures whom a normal horse would not bear try to arrange for NightMares to ride. They are in telepathic contact and the Vampire can call for his steed at great distance. The NightMare is viscous to everyone except it's master and those he specifically designates. It must drain blood every day to stay alert, but is immune to the effects of the sun (an unintended consequence of the demonic interference). These horse sacrificing rituals take place wherever Vampires can summon or ally with a Lesser Demon. Many Vampire Princes have these steeds.
Ogre 20-25 7 10 8 1 Club 1+2 to 1+5. 7' - 8' Tall. Very, very aggressive and dumb, leathery skin, 1HEX
Ox, Karlydian 35-40 6 10 20 1 Pack animal and war beast of the Karlyd Tundra , they are fairly intelligent and any oxen trained for combat or dangerous pack work will not panic. They kick for 2-1 or charge attack for 1+1 with a 4 dice save vs. the average of your DX and ST to be knocked down in the hex behind you (or to be crushed against a wall for an extra 1-2). They are ridden by the residents of the Karlyd Tundra. They have devised special equipment (spiked bolas attached to the Ox by thin strong chain) that bind and drag up to four foes or trip up other mounted animals (each Ox usually has four sets of Bolas). These are 3 hex long, 1-2 hexes wide creatures. Used as pack animals they usually are tied to large wheeled wagons (sometimes even two wagons chained in a row).
Pixie 8 11 12 8/12 0 Pixies, the mage part of the Pixie/Sprite pair, are woodland creatures who are a bit mischevious (though rarely malicious) and are more likely to cause minor problems than major havoc. They live in clans that are competative but friendly. They pull pranks on each other and have organized constests of skill and mayhem, where practical jokes before competitions are part of the event. The only exception to their good nature is that they defend their homes zealously and any incursion into their copse/wood/etc will meet with wrath. Cutting down a pixie/sprite tree will gain a blood feud with one or more pixies/sprites and their clan. They are very friendly to elves and centaurs, capricious around the dour dwarves and defensive and reclusive around orcs, trolls and hymenopteran. Spells: rope, confusion, dazzle, illusion, drop weapon, detect magic, trip, lock/knock, sleep.
Revenant 17 13 12 12 See Notes Partially material ghostly figure, angry and fearsome, projecting a daunting visual appearance with their emotions coloring their appearance (melting face, small pulsing black flames outlining their form, etc). The most powerful of the ghostly type of undead (Wight, Banshee, Spectre, Revenant) . Cannot fly, but since most material things are more solid that the revenant he can walk on a twig, string, water, etc. Can slip through the crack under a door. His hit does a Drain Life of 1+3 (registers as fatigue, but still kills if victim brought to less than zero) that goes straight to his ST and ignores all armour (even iron flesh, but enchanted armour will be at half effectiveness). If the Revenant kills an opponent they must Contest save ST of the Revenant vs (normal) ST of the victim to avoid an Impressioned Remain being created from the death (likely Shadow Wight or Banshee). He is difficult to hit well and non-magical weapons all hit at -2DX for half damage. The first successful hit by the Revenent also counts as an Induce Fear spell that the victim must save 3d against IQ (4d if he does more than 5 hits). Each additional attack do not Induce Fear, only the first successful. Exudes a MH Despair aura and all must save ST of the Revenant vs. ST of the victim to avoid suffering the effects of that spell while in the aura and for 5 turns after leaving it. Can cast Avert, 7Hex Shadow, Induce Fear, Control Person, Telekinesis, Curse and Decrepify. See the Necromancer spell: Summon Revenant from 7HexDragon House Rules.
Shadow Spawn 8 8 10 6 special Shadow Spawn are the ghostly creation of powerful Shadow Wight Mages and they can summon them like wizards summon myrmidons. Shadow Spawn are a kind of negative energy and lurk in dark places fearing bright light which blinds and pains them. They attack for a limited Drain ST (1-1 fatigue damage that goes straight to the shadow spawn and ignores all armour, enchanted armour is half effective) and can cast 4 hex shadow spells at 1ST. They are blinded by light brighter than a torch and will cast a 4HexDarkness to protect themselves and then on their enemy to gain the advantage (they can see in the dark like shadow wights).
Skeleton, Lich 28+ 17+ 13+ 10 none Powerful and terrifying Undead Mage, top of the Undead Hierarchy. Stats shown here are for a low level Lich, the kind that would be summoned with a Summon Lich spell. NPCs or even player characters can have higher stats (see Necromancer spell: Become Lich). Liches can Summon one of Skeleton Lord, Skeleton Warrior, Spectre; Darkness; Invisibility; always on Mage Sight (no ST); MH Induce Fear; Decrepitude; Drain Life; Curse; Control Person; Spell Shield, Telepathy, Remove Thrown Spell, Glamour, Carries with it a MH Induce fear aura at no ST cost (with the Lich at the center) such that any creature who gets next to the Lich must save vs IQ or suffer the effect of the Induce Fear spell. It can also cast the thrown version of MH Induce Fear at normal ST cost. NPC Liches (not summoned ones) are likely to have a Staff of Power or NecroStaff with additional advanced powers (say, a night crystal), more spells and other charms and amulets in addition to henchman or an attendant spectre or Skeleton Lord.
Skeleton Lord 18+ 14+ 16(14)+ 8 1 One of GreatSword/Hammer/PikeAx, Dagger, Induce Fear (no ST cost), Talents: Sword/PoleArm/Hammer, Warrior. Gets +1 in HTH due to hard boney hands. Spells: Summon Skeleton Warrior (though only one at a time at normal ST cost as per spell). Stats are for a generic one as summoned by the Necromancer spell. Can be more powerful as NPC or even player characters (see Necromancer spell: Make Skeleton Lord) and carry armour, bows, etc.
Skeleton Warrior 12 8 10 10 1 broadsword and small shield
Spectre 16 11 11 6/10 See Notes Partially material ghostly figure, looks like a pale and glassy eyed humanoid, slowish unless angered. In bright light the Spectre appears a bit shadowy and in very dark has a dim glow. Cannot fly, but since most material things are more solid that the spectre he can walk on a twig, string, water, etc. His hit does a Drain Life of 1+1 (registers as fatigue, but still kills if victim brought to less than zero) that goes straight to his ST and ignores all armour (even iron flesh, but enchanted armour will be at half effectiveness). If a Spectre kills its opponent, the victim must contest save ST of the Spectre vs ST of the victim to avoid an impressioned remain being created (likely Shadow Wight or Banshee). He is difficult to hit well and non-magical weapons all hit at -2DX for half damage. The first successful hit by the Spectre also counts as an Induce Fear spell that the victim must save 3d against IQ (4d if he does more than 5 hits). Each additional attacks do not Induce Fear, only the first successful. Spectres can become angered if successfully attacked and act as if berserk until attacker is dead but note the higher MA and they do not need to roll against IQ to get into or out of state.
Spider, Giant 16 1 10 12 2 Bite does 1+1 and if does more than 1ST damage: poison 4d save vs ST or 2d more damage.
Spiders, Leaping 13 5 14 10/3 1 Leaping spiders attempt to leap up to three hexes and initiate HTH combat. They bite for 1+2 and have a poison that takes 2 hits for each of the next 2 turns, duration is cumulative, not damage. Poison ignores armour of course.
Sprite 9 10 12 8/12 0 Sprites, the warrior part of the Pixie/Sprite pair, are woodland creatures who are a bit mischevious (though rarely malicious) and are more likely to cause minor problems than major havoc. See Pixie above for more details. Sprites have wings and can fly. Cutting down a pixie/sprite tree will gain a blood feud with one or more related Sprites and Pixies. Small Bow 1-1, Knife 1-2. Talents: Move Silently, Thief, Acute Hearing, Animal Handling. Can make good allies against invasive, tree-hating foes.
Troll, Bridge 12 8 10 10 none 1Hex, Club 1d (both), hairy, smelly, cowardly if initial assault goes badly, do regenerate.
Troll, Cave 26 7 10 12 1 2Hex, Club 1+2 grey scaly, Dumb as posts and aggressive
Troll, Mountain 30 9 11 12 2 2HEX, Club 1+4 Hide stops 2, dumb and huge, light mossy green scales. More intelligent than other trolls, likely to have a pod of Mountain trolls and some other troll and a few ogres under their control.
Vampire 15+ 12+ 12+ 10/14 none Bite does 1d and drains 2 to Vampire. Has Charisma, invisibility, control animal, summon wolf, control Night-Gaunts and can fly. Likes to be invisible and let wolves fight. If forced will fly into HTH to bite. Will run rather than die. Regenerates 1 ST per turn until decapitated. Generally fear Holy Knights and Necromancers. They can run solo or be part of a coven, also may have 1-6 loyal henchmen. See the Vampire section on the Undead page
Vampire Prince 20+ 15+ 14+ 10/14 none Same as vampire plus New Followers talent, Mage Sight (no ST) and Confuse (eye contact, no ST) and Telepathy (normal ST cost). Should have appropriate weapon skills for the locale and other talents. Likely to have loyal henchmen hanging around for extended life from the prince (3-18 if you need a quick random roll). Might also have 1-6 vampires and 2-12 spawn under their control (must have more than 3 spawn under control to achieve and maintain their extra powers: Mage Sight for no ST, etc, see the Vampire section for more detail). Most henchmen and sub-vampires will have basic talents and not too high an IQ (few mages will follow Vampires)
Vampire Spawn 12 9 11 10/14 none Recently killed by a Vampire or Vampire Prince, this is a newbie Vampire under the control of the Vampire who killed it. Bite does 1d and drains 2 to Vampire. Has invisibility, control animal and can fly. Likes to be invisible. If forced will fly into HTH to bite. Will run rather than die. Regenerates 1 ST per turn until decapitated. Generally fear Holy Knights and Necromancers. Will be found with the Vampire that killed them until they can become strong enough to break free on their own. See the Vampire section on the Undead page
Wolf 10 6 11 12 none Bite 1+1
Yeti 19-25 8 11 12 1 The Yeti are a barely intelligent race of furry humanoids (like the missing link, but bigger). They can use simple tools and have a very crude grunting language. They live in the Northern Wastes north of the Karlyd Tundra. The Karlydians will occassionally hunt them, but are mostly left on their own as they are known to be fairly peaceful. They roam in clannish groups of 15-50 (at least two family units). They are very agile and fast (hence their high MA). Males are 6.5 to 7.0 feet tall and very strong. Females are 5.5-6.5 feet tall. They feed on fish and plants and can even hunt a bit. They are covered in white fur and keep to the snow, heading south in the winter to the Tundra and north in the summer to live on the unstable Glaciers.
Zombie, Kirean 12+ 7-8 9+ 10 none These are especially intelligent Zombies that have remnants of their old personality as they were created with an Impressioned Remain. They can think independently if given some instructions (i.e. kill all enemies, only chase orcs, run away if you are attacked by horses). The Zombie can be confused and is very angry and prone to outbreaks, but they are fairly reliable shock troops and their ability to make rudimentary decisions puts them at a great advantage over normal Zombies. The process of creating them is horrible however, involving the torture of the victim to create an Impressioned Remain and then binding that to the new corpse (it must be bound to it's own corpse and is by definition an Unwilling according to the Necromancer Code.

Basic 6 12 10 8 1 1-2 HTH, Commander Bug, usually rides a Spyder
Gantuas 24 6 10 10 3 3Hex, Claw and Leg 3-1, Charge attack double, but must defend next turn
Low Renders 10 6 11 10 none 1+1 claw
Myrmidons 12 8 12 10 1 Mace 2-1, rare, advanced, use weapons, don't need Basic
Phlanxes 16 6 10 10 2 2Hex, Horns 2d, double Charge Attack
Plunges 8 8 16 6, 14 1 Fly for 14MA, 1d stab and sting, double Charge/Swoop Attack, don't' need Basic
Spyder 8 7 10 12, 10 1 2Hex, riding mount, 10MA with rider, 1d claw
Workers 20 8 8 8 none 1-1 claw, not interested in fighting unless they or hive attacked

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